Warped tour 2003..

Quite the adventure this year, i must say so. Ill summerize it though as to not take up much reading time.

Me and jon went to Jesse's, then we took the ferry to van, that was fun. Stayed at her grannys house, nothing really special. Rich rich north van *shudder*
Waited at warped tour gates the next day, for hours. There were tons of people, but we were at the front. And eventually Jesse and Kyle became door men .. and then they snuck in leaving me a door man (And by door man i mean just standing on the other side of the gate and letting security dudes in)
Warped tour, mega mega fuckin fun.
Waited all day to see Rancid, because i <3 rancid It was a fucking sweet set, but i hate Tim.. FUCKING HATE! after the show he was singing autographs, and then when me and Jesse walked up to him.. he said he had to go.. but he signed some more poser's some autographs *GRR*

After rancid me, jesse and jon had some fun.. involving.. SIMPLE PLAN! (Incase any of you dont know who simple plan is, they are themost poppiest punk wanna bee band i have ever heard, they do songs like "Im just a kid" and thats the only one i know) anyways.. we got some sparklers.. and i threw mine at simple plan and hit one of their arms, jon threw his up so that it hit and sparked all over em, and jesse threw hers in the crowd. HA good times.
Then we ran away calling them names and saying they suck.. everyone was sad casue we are cool people.
Then some big fat security guy came and grabbed me and jon by the neck and kicked us out, i screamed and swore the whole time,... then he grabbed jon and like tackled him, so i jumped on the guy and started punching him in the head.. haaaa good times.
got arrested
got let free
sat around for a few hours till everyone got out
BAH it was fucking worth it.

I just wish that DKM played boys on the dock.
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Birthday today.. busy day tomorrow..

Fuckin good day.. kinda... fuck actually no.

Went downtown to see steve, fucker missed the bis and didnt show up till 7, then he went to the bar right away I HATE HIM SO MUCH! wait no i dont <3

Anyways, argued with my loving boyfriend for awhile.. he told me he was falling inlove with me.. i dont feel the same and i fucking feel so bad for not feeling the same way.. SOMEONE HELP ME!!
Now hes so depressed and i dont know what to do :/

Then me and Jesse hung out for awhile, that girl always makes me happy. Some random drunk guy said we were being disrespectful towards the homeless people because we were hanging out downtown, he thought iwas 13 years old, overweight, and a cop.. oh and a thug... and a panhandler.. god i need to kill people.. really.

Then we counted down till my birthday, i was sad when it came.. but then i got presents from Jesse :D
A toy police helmet, watergun, chocolate egg (?) and LIME GREEN SPRAY PAINT! <3

Look behing the Cambie ;);)
tee hee

im joking
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Meh people love to piss me off. Jesse knows how to do it, and he does it well. Now hes on the phone with his mom complaining about me. Ooh this is fucking great.
Its Canada day, time to do some boycotting with my trusty friend Girl-Jesse. YAY!!!!!!!!

Blah last night was so lame, Me and boy-jesse fought for hours and he pisses me the fuck off, and i dont know why he just wont break up with me, apparently im fucking bad for him and i am just a horrible horrible person.
I hate fighting, and thats all we do, but i dont want to break up with him, im not sure why not though. Fear of being along again? No i like being alone...
Fear of another failed relaionship? Nah, im used to it.
I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|

Anyways steve called me, that was the highlight of my day, even though i just woke up and hardly remember the fone call. It was still the highlight. I get to see him tomorrow :D:D:D:D:D Super-Yay!
And Jesse has this big problem with him ... Bah!!!
<3 steve.

Anyways time to get on wtih my day.. and remember kids.. FUCK CANADA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sitting at home. WIth Jesse.

The excitment for my brithday has passed. I know its going to suck a fuck load of ass.
I am going to get my warped tour ticked soon.. i swear :)
Tomorrow is canada day, time to run around downtown and boycott it. .. things wont be the same without Travis :|
Im under a far bit of stress over my show.. i hope it will pass.
I miss girl Jesse, she isnt home yet.

I dont think i have any more random things to say.
Its been stormy out, i like stormy weather.
Especially lots and lots of rain. But it makes me miss my cat. We used to always sit out in the rain together :/
Now i am posting pitures of him. <3<3<3

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Fuck you.. sun!!!

So im at Jesse's (girl) house. She is out of town with her mom and aunt.
I came here with boy Jesse and Corey.. it was fun. Went in the hottub with Jesse ;)
Had a little fun..
then he went home :|
Grr for once in my life this was a night i didnt want to be alone.. why? I dont know.. i have no idea but i really would like to fall asleep next to someone right now. (Not corey though, hes grabby when hes sleeping)

Grr boys and their stupidness. ...Anyways..
WARPED TOUR!!! ..BIRTHDAY!!! ...STEVE!!!!!!.. <3 Brodie in a few weeks too.
fuck ya

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Im mad and high on coffeeeeeeeeeeee

Pretty boring day.
Went downtown and met up with Jesse, then went on a brother hunt. We found him.. and laura :| grr
Followed Francine and Peter around, led them to the cambie and sat around with them for awhile :) Jesse left to go to woodgrove with her mom.
Boy Jesse showed up.. then quit his job :S
silly weird kid.

Blah blah I thought Jesse Bell and Steve were gonna go downtown today, damn the whole world. I miss steve so much :) <3

had a shit load of coffee today, went to MGM with girl and boy Jesse.
Had a fight with Joshagain, i fucking hate him, he threw away my skate shoes and wont give me my shit back :| GRR
fuck em all.
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Grr that dude with the thing

Stayed at Jesse's last night. Quite interesting. .. drunken motherfucker.
I was half drunk, thanks to Pete.. that nice guy, got me almost drunk.
Blah blah fuck life is boring.
I want to just take a trip somewhere, get away for a bit even if its not too long.
But where??? dun dun dun.
Im beginning to think i am not supposed to be up this early.

So i bought smokes from the store by my house on the way home, new guy working there.
"Are you 19"
"where is your ID"
"Hey buddy, i dont have my id, but im 19" *evil hardcore stare*
"Ok that will be $8.35"

He had a strong accent. god damn people.. god damn price of smokes.
god damn you
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